Align your brand to Joy Positive Cashflow Regenerative Impact Attract Your Dream Customers

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What makes a brand truly resonate? From lukewarm followers to raving fans from the audiences that matter most? In this brand (and business) strategy mapping process we will clarify your:

• top two archetypes and how they inform your most aligned and iconic brand
• your compelling vision and mission statements
• your ideal customers’ core desires & obstacles
• your head-turning brand story
• your clear market position
• your key insight & value proposition
• your core brand message


No more guessing what is going on in  your customers’ heads. We do the market research for you (or with you if you prefer), talking to real people who match your target market, and gathering insights on what makes them tick.

Gain clarity on your dream customers’ desires, pain points, and possible objections in order to inform your messaging, brand positioning, and developing products & services that sell.


If the numbers aren’t your forte, don’t let that hold you back. Designed especially for solopreneurs and creative founders, this tailored consultation will help you map the numbers in your business to maximize profitability.

We’ll start with your desired take home salary and working capacity (25 hour weeks sound good?). Together we’ll create an aligned income and expense plan that will help you determine your pricing, customer outreach numbers, marketing budget, and the profit potential in your business. Also includes a cashflow tracker for everyday. Clients consistently rave about how grounding and clarifying this process is — pure magic!


Aligned Marketing & Content Strategy

Let’s create your aligned marketing and content strategy plan designed to your particular energy signature, communication style, brand message, and capacity (whether you’re solo or have a team).

In this process we will map out a detailed plan to help you reach your audience growth, engagement, and customer acquisition goals. Mapped along 5 stages from the attraction phase to the post sale delight phase, you’ll gain tailored strategies and a content plan in an editorial calendar to set you up to plant consistent SEEDS and watch them BLOOM in your business growth.