Quiet Transformation Brand & Website Design

Maria Hykin is the founder of Quiet Transformation, which aims to be a space of tremendous ease in a striving world. Offering yoga classes, online courses, retreats & workshops from an island in the Caribbean in Mexico, she focuses on yoga, mindfulness, and pain care support for those suffering from chronic pain. Maria came to me needing a brand identity design and website to reflect her Purist-Magician brand.

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“Brand consultation work is an incredible tool that helps you crystallize your vision and find ways to express it in the most effective and consistent ways. It’s like being in therapy for your brand — you suddenly see all the underlying issues and give yourself a chance to work on them. And like any great therapist, Alyssa will gently guide you through this process, facilitating valuable insights and helping you put them to good use. In the end, your brand will emerge healthier, happier and better equipped for enjoying the world and surviving in it.”

— Maria Hykin, Yoga Teacher and Pain Management Educator

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