What makes a brand truly resonate? From lukewarm followers to raving fans from the audiences that matter most? 

You’re an impact-led entrepreneur who wants to align your team and stake holders under a compelling vision. You want to show up authentically, tell a compelling story, and turn heads, but you don’t know where to start…
Are you lacking clarity about what makes you unique in your industry? Or feeling stuck on how to articulate your unique value? The success of your business, and the impact you want to make in the world depends upon it.
Since opening my first design consultancy in 2007, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs like you. I have seen the powerful effect that brand clarity has on your bottom line.
Discovering your unique difference, and the underlying story you’re telling in your business gives you the confidence to communicate your brand value, to step into a bigger vision and message, and have a greater impact with your work in the world.

In this brand mapping process we will clarify your:

• top two archetypes and how they inform your most aligned and iconic brand
• your compelling vision and mission statements
• your ideal customers’ core desires & obstacles
• your head-turning brand story
• your clear market position
• your key insight & value proposition
• your core brand message
and more…

Four 90 minute Zoom calls where we fill in the pieces of our 4-Part Brand Map Canvas together on a virtual whiteboard platform.

  • Call 1: We start with you. A series of questions helps us discover your brand archetypes and your unique essence that sets you apart in the crowd.
  • Call 2: Map out your ideal customer and their journey — positioning your ideal customer as the hero, and you as their guide. This leads to your key insight and informs your compelling brand story.
  • Call 3: Identify the greater context of industry and culture that your business operates in, and establish your positioning strategy aligned with your core values. Craft your vision and mission statements to communicate how you are disrupting and changing this context with your business.
  • Call 4: Create a cohesive messaging strategy with three key brand statements that will act as the north star for your business.


  • Come away knowing your top 3 brand archetypes, and clarity on how they blend uniquely and come to life in your business. 
  • A digital high res copy of the 4-Part Brand Story Canvas, complete with virtual post-it notes as we fill in the pieces of your brand story together. The canvas is designed to visually show the relationship between all parts, and the arc of your brand story. Print it and hang it on your wall for quick reference whenever you create new marketing material.
  • Come away with key positioning & messaging content for your brand including your: brand values, mission and vision statements, customer journey, and industry context, as well as your Core Brand Message (the tagline or theme of your story), Key Insight, and Positioning Statement — content most clients use directly in their websites and marketing.


  • $1,599 including 4 x 90 minute 1:1 calls and support from me each step of the way
  • $599 DIY including worksheets and video instructions, with one call with me at the end to bring it all together

Interested in getting started? Have more questions?

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