Glacyo Skincare Consulting & Video Production

Glacyo is a luxury skincare startup founded by Angelic Luong who is a successful lifestyle entrepreneur from Vietnam. They were looking to break into the North American market and hired me for a brand consult, to do some market and industry research, create a go to market strategy, and as part of the team that produced their brand video.

They had been successful in Vietnam positioning themselves simply as an organic skincare brand. But given the saturation of the organic skincare market in North America, we were hunting for a different angle. As part of the research I conducted, we discovered a gap in the luxury skincare market in gender neutral products. The gender neutral concept also performed well in our market research interviews and was featured in their inaugural brand launch video that I helped produce.

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“Alyssa helped us expand our sustainable skincare business from Vietnam to Canada. Her customer and industry research confirmed our vision to create gender-neutral luxury skincare, a space that had both strong demand as well as limited competitors. Alyssa is very knowledgeable and fun to work with. She knows how to bring out the most authentic, unique values and message of your brand and organize it in such a way that it resonates with your customers and positions you to succeed.”

— Angelic Luong, Founder of Glacyo Skincare

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