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Craving fun and playful downtime to fill your creative well? Get off your screen and learn techniques to tap into creative flow state in this somatic painting workshop for everyday creatives.

If you desire to infuse creative excitement back into your life, join us for a 2-hour painting experience or 3 class progressive series where you’ll learn somatic tools to get out of your head, suspend judgement, unlock the inherent wisdom in your body, and unleash your inherent creativity in a community of like-minded people.

Through this workshop you will have the opportunity to create a few unique 18″x24″ abstract paintings on fine art paper or a 3’x4′ canvas for the progressive (plus a number of smaller studies). Through somatic techniques, the practices of mindfulness and congruence, as well as technical lessons in acrylic painting, and colour theory we’ll overcome any perfectionism or fear of the blank page to truly liberate your unique self-expression. No prior painting experience required. Materials provided. Aprons are provided, and still we recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting paint on!


Intro Workshop

This 2-hour workshop is an invitation to overcome creative blocks & dive into a vibrant journey of embodied self-expression.

WHEN? Thursday, June 6th @ 7:00–9:00pm

WHERE? at A O Studio 554 Clark Dr. Vancouver, BC
Only 12 spots! (this has been selling out consistently, so get your ticket today!) — $56.20

3-Class Series on Canvas

This 3-class series is an opportunity to graduate to canvas and get bigger and more embodied in our mark making. We’ll combine embodiment and congruence practices with acrylic painting technique and the decision making required to take a piece to completion — where you feel proud to hang it on your wall.

Thursday, June 20th @ 7:00–9:00pm
Thursday, June 27th @ 7:00–9:00pm
Thursday, July 4th @ 7:00–9:00pm

Watch the reel where I describe what to expect!

WHERE? at A O Studio 554 Clark Dr. Vancouver, BC
Only 6 spots! 
(this has been selling out consistently, so get your ticket today!)
$399 materials included rate
$345 Early Bird Rate before May 31st

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What Past Attendees Have to Say...

"This is a beautiful and healing workshop that reconnects you with your creative side using somatic approach of engaging with painting. Guaranteed to make you feel playful and relaxed, it is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon! "

"I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to reconnect with their creative mind and do so in a supportive and compassionate space with incredibly passionate teachers."

"I loved how this workshop supported me in taking down the barriers, using paint as a tool to find that really authentic place. It's a really nice reconnection to myself. I loved it!"

"This workshop is so fantastic I don't know where to start. Spending two hours being creative and in flow is a profound experience. Adrianna and Alyssa create a wonderful atmosphere: light, playful, gentle and non-judgmental. I'm no painter, and this workshop really helped me get in touch with, and more regularly connect with my creativity in my own work."

"Highly recommend this experience. I enjoyed the welcoming and encouraging energy from Adri and Alyssa. Regardless of ones relationship to painting, this offering gently and playfully encourages a deeper experience of inner alignment with outer expression. The time flew by and we left with a deep sense of fulfilment and joy. After the workshop, I felt more connected to my creativity and I experienced a sudden almost urgent desire to collage last week and produced three pieces that I love."

"I was feeling really bogged down with work and “stuck” in my head. I decided to give Alyssa’s class a go, and I am SO glad I did. I’ve tried yoga and meditation, but I always find that I get distracted easily. This paint night helped me “stay focused” in the moment for the first time in a while. I needed this class to get me back to my “childhood” judgement-free self. Can’t wait for the next one!"

meet your Facilitators

Alyssa Burtt (she/her), Brave Narrative

Alyssa has been a fine artist and creative professional for 17 years. Her creativity suffered in the highly conceptual art school she attended and stopped painting for 7 years after completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She then learned some process-oriented acrylic painting techniques at an art residency in Baja Mexico in 2013 that unlocked her creative practice, and inspiration poured out of her. She has integrated this technique with her research into creative flow state and embodiment to develop this transformational workshop. These practices support her and her students to maintain a vibrant creative practice to this day.

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Adriana Sabrina Koc Spadaro (she/her), A O Studio

Adriana is a trauma-informed healing artist. Through energy work, somatic movement, and intuitive arts, she creates space to find rest through both expressive and meditative practices. Connect with Adri if you are curious about nervous system support, subtle energy, intuition, meditation, empowerment, acceptance, and self-awareness.

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