No more guessing what is going on in  your customers’ heads. We do the market research for you (or with you if you prefer), talking to real people who match your target market, and gathering insights on what makes them tick. Gain clarity on your dream customers’ desires, pain points, and possible objections in order to inform your messaging, brand positioning, and developing products & services that sell.


What does it look like?

Plan, Recruit, Interview, Analyse, Report

In this package, we will create your market research plan clarifying the project objective, interview questions, research methods, and your user recruitment plan.
This package includes in-depth interviews recruiting 8-10 candidates who fit your ideal customer profile (that’s the sweet spot where the data collected is valuable without being redundant).
We complete the process with a thorough analysis (done methodically in a spreadsheet to avoid bias). You come away with a report on the key insights and trends that emerged in the data.


  • $2,899 done for you
  • $1,899 client-directed*

*Alternatively, the client can do the user recruitment and interviews, and Alyssa will support in drafting the questions and working through the final analysis together (requires that the client takes thorough notes from the interviews). Includes an initial 45 minute call to get set up, independent time for Alyssa to categorize and organize the data, and a 90 minute call for the final analysis to pull out the key insights.

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