Staffan Rydin Brand & Website Design

Staffan Rydin is an Integral Master Coach with a Sage-Hero brand who needed a brand update, new photography and a website to feature his coaching practice. We built him a custom website with pages to post books and videos he loves to share. Visit Site

Compersia: The Future of Sexuality

How Might We… Track the signals and trends today to imagine a possible future where the gender-orgasm gap doesn’t exist? What: Create an Imaginary Business on the topic “The Future of Sexuality” for the year 2030, Strategic Foresight.Team: Alyssa Burtt, Laurel Adams, Josie HoffmanTimeline: 4 months (Sept – Dec 2017)Process: Using futures frameworks like 3 Horizons and Archetypes of […]

Unschool Fellowship: Solving the Unsustainable Fashion Industry

How Might We… Create a business that disrupts the environmental harm caused by the fashion industry? So this is the story of how I ended up in Cape Town, South Africa working with a global team of young leaders to disrupt the unsustainable fashion industry. I blame it all on a wildly improbably goal I […]

Sustainery: Venture & Brand Design

In a world where plastic packaging is convenient, cheap and ubiquitous, increasingly harming both our planet and our health, the eco-minded urban consumer has few convenient alternatives to goods packaged with single-use plastic, especially in the grocery store….  How Might We… Reimagine the grocery shopping experience to reduce packaging waste and the environmental impact of […]

Your Leadership Recipe Website Design

Makenna Held, Entrepreneur, business mentor & leadership coach, writer, recipe-free cooking teacher, the host of La Pitchoune: Cooking in France on Magnolia Network hired me to design this website for her coaching business integrating many hand-painted elements and photo collages. Visit Site

Miriam the Coach Brand & Website Design

Miriam Binder-Lang is an Integral Master Coach based in Germany who needed a brand and website design to reflect her coaching practice. Visit Site “The work with Alyssa brought me from a very vague idea of what I wanted to show and say about my work to a beautiful website, clear and totally reflecting what […]