Visionary Branding for the uncommonly courageous, for the leaders & change-makers, for the storytellers & world-creators, together we are changing the game of marketing from a one-sided broadcast to a conversation rooted in storytelling. We believe in the power of design thinking to fuel the creative and strategic engines for our clients, who constantly inspire us in their commitment to make a better world.

I am Alyssa Burtt, and this is Brave Narrative. Nice to make your acquaintance.

We offer archetypal branding workshops, consultation and creative direction on bigger projects from full rebranding & web development, to brand experience design and more. Get in touch to find out more, drop us a line.

Our Past Work

  • Quiet Transformation, Quietly become yourSelf with Maria Hykin, a yoga teacher deeply committed to a holistic approach to healing chronic pain and the practice of self-care.
  • Pluck with Purpose, Decide to grow and change the way you relate for good with Dr. Jenn McCabe and her programs in Radical Relating.
  • Chela Davison, Lean into what you’re most called to lead with Chela Davison, Master Integral Coach and writer, and now president of Integral Coaching Canada.
  • Makenna Held, Dare to live and lead vividly with this Leadership Coach and owner of La Pitchoune, home of Julia Child in the South of France. Her current site is down for maintenance, view the design here >¬†
  • Staffan Rydin, Experience Mindfulness training, conscious business consulting and Integral coaching with this Master Integral Coach.

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